April 1st

Hello Everybody!
We have sheep at the farm this year and we now have baby lambs! Here are some photos and a video that our friend Julie (the Bee mentor!) took of the lambs standing for the first time!

March 21st

Spring has sprung here on the farm! We are harvesting our very first salad greens of the season, and that means we will soon be having our 5th Annual Spring Salad Social! We will be hosting a community potluck in our Upper Greenhouse, attached to the barn. We will be serving salad and the first pizzas of the year. The event will be held Saturday April 12th, starting at 1:00pm. Please bring a dish and come share in the luscious spring harvest with us! We look forward to seeing you there.

Also that means that soon we will be starting our weekly email letting you know what we have available on the farm. If you are not on the list and would like to be, please email us at fredshomegrownproduce@gmail.com

Here are some photos of the greenhouse with those delicious first of the season greens!






February, 13th

Hey Folks!
It has been a lovely winter here on the farm. We have enjoyed this last week’s snow and seeing the contrast of the cover crops, spinach and new greens starts in the greenhouse against the white blanket of snow outside. We are busy planning out our plantings for this next season and getting greens planted into the green houses. We have arugula, spinach and braising mix coming up from a January plantings that have made it through the single digit temperatures. We are very excited to see these greens doing so well, along with our overwintered spinach!

We are looking forward to running our CSA again this year and we will have this year’s CSA flyers out very soon. If you are interested in signing up, please send us an email: fredshomegrownproduce@gmail.com



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