The farm will be hosting many events throughout the year and it can also be a wonderful venue for your events.  We have the space and the energy to devote to large gatherings and we aim to bring the community together to enjoy and celebrate our local food.

Host an event on the farm:

We have large-scale cooking facilities available, two industrial pizza ovens, a 100-year-old farm house, 60 acres of field, river access, a red-neck hot tub (steel watering trough with a fire built underneath,) and we are in the process of rebuilding the 5,000 square foot historic barn.

The farm is an excellent location for weddings, parties and other events.  It is beautifully set in nature, surrounded by the wooded hills of the Naselle Valley and overlooking the river, a natural habitat for all kinds of life.  The historic house and barn give the property character while creating many interesting spaces to be transformed for events.  And the incredibly delicious farm fresh food is prepared by the on-site chef, farm-owner Fred Johnson.

Contact us with questions about renting the facilities:


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