Homegrown Produce – Monday, May 21

Hello everyone – it’s raining!  The two weeks of sunshine was very welcome, but a bit stressful for all the new starts.  They are looking quite happy now – let’s just hope it doesn’t last too long.

So, as with last week, we have fresh greens, spinach (which is starting to bolt, so get it while you can), leeks, oregano, sage, dill and Asian greens for juicing or sauté.  The raab is slowly speeding up, but probably not more than a few pounds for harvest.

And here are the prices….

  • Fresh greens and spinach – $6 CSA and wholesale, $8 retail per lb.
  • Leeks – $1.50 lb
  • Herbs – $2 per very healthy bunch
  • Asian greens – $2 bunch

Looking forward to expanding the options, we will be keeping you posted.

Fred’s Homegrown Produce


Homegrown Produce – Monday, May 7

Hello All!

This is Cesily writing you while Fred is out of town. What gorgeous weather we are having! Should be good for planting outside.

This week we have: mixed salad greens, spinach (baby and bunches), oregano bunches and leeks. Also limited quantities of eggs.

Let me know what you would like for Tuesday and Friday delivery.

Thank you!

Homegrown Produce – Monday, April 30

Good Morning!

Well, the lineup is essentially the same as last week’s – mixed greens and spinach – both small leaf for salads and large for sautéing, etc. The arugula is bolting but great for cooking. The plantings in the garden are taking a beating with the rain, so their return to the mix will have to wait for…..wait for it…..spring!

In other garden news, the slugs are out in force, terrorizing young starts and generally driving me crazy.  It is hard to believe something so small and seemingly innocuous could cause such damage, but the evidence is plain. They officially suck.  I am reseeding the cauliflower, toscano, and broccoli – maybe it is just too early.

And on that note, I will sign off – prices are the same – harvests are Tuesdays and Fridays – please write with any questions.

Chin Chin!

Homegrown Produce – Monday, April 23

Hey everyone, here is what’s growing!

Mixed Greens – light on the arugula (it is all bolting in the greenhouses), waiting for the garden beds to start producing, and heavy on the spinach!
$6 lb. bulk, $8 lb. singles

Spinach – baby and mixed. Fantastic stuff!
$6 lb. bulk, $8 lb. singles

Eggs – limited availability.
$4 dozen

We are busy transplanting in the garden – cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, raab, kales and mixed greens.  Beets are seeded and germinating and just waiting for the carrots.  Potatoes will be going in soon.

Also, we started a LOT of tomatoes and peppers. So if you are looking for any starts for yourself, we have transplants for $2 each.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Talk soon!

Fred J

Homegrown Produce – Monday, April 9

Hey everyone – here’s what’s happening this week:

Spring Greens: soft leaf lettuces, arugula and baby spinach!  the best mix of the season so far!
$8.00 lb. for orders less than two pounds. $6.00 lb. for bulk orders.

Baby Arugula
$6.00 lb.

Fresh Oregano Bundles
$1.50 per, maybe have 15 all together.

The Toscana kale just got transplanted to the big garden this weekend, so the race is on !

Please let me get your orders as soon as possible, to make sure I actually have the product.

The season is starting to even out, but the cold spells are still effecting growth.

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