Homegrown Produce – Monday, May 21

Hello everyone – it’s raining!  The two weeks of sunshine was very welcome, but a bit stressful for all the new starts.  They are looking quite happy now – let’s just hope it doesn’t last too long.

So, as with last week, we have fresh greens, spinach (which is starting to bolt, so get it while you can), leeks, oregano, sage, dill and Asian greens for juicing or sauté.  The raab is slowly speeding up, but probably not more than a few pounds for harvest.

And here are the prices….

  • Fresh greens and spinach – $6 CSA and wholesale, $8 retail per lb.
  • Leeks – $1.50 lb
  • Herbs – $2 per very healthy bunch
  • Asian greens – $2 bunch

Looking forward to expanding the options, we will be keeping you posted.

Fred’s Homegrown Produce



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