Homegrown Produce – Monday, May 28

Hey everyone – sorry to be so tardy with the garden report – the day is almost done, and I’m behind in my chores…so here is the menu for the week

  • Fresh Greens – $6 lb / CSA and Wholesale, $8 lb / Retail
  • Baby Head Lettuce – Baby Romaine, Deer Tongue, Green Leaf, etc. – $1.50 per lettuce
  • Leeks – probably the last for this round – $1.50 lb
  • Toscano Kale – first of the season – $2 per bunch
  • Fresh Herbs – Oregano, Dill and Blooming Sage – $2 per bunch

Sorry it doesn’t seem like much of an offering. There’s a lot working, but the weather is taking its own sweet time.

Please email with any questions – and thanks for your support.

Fred J

Fred’s Homegrown Produce



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