Homegrown Produce – Tuesday, June 12

Hey everyone, sorry to be so late getting this out, but I have a great excuse – we picked up the new greenhouse today! All 30 x 96 ft of it! It’s going to be one heck of a busy week!  We have over 1,000 tomatoes ready to go into the ground!

So, to the garden!  The outside beds of mixed greens are being very sluggish with the cool weather – we still have some greens in the greenhouse (hah!), but they are reaching the time to turn and replant. Not sure of the harvest until tomorrow morning, but will do my best to fill everyone’s orders.

Asian mixed greens are very healthy – either as baby or bunches. Some baby lettuces, but not a lot. The chards are great, especially the white fordharm, and the toscano and winterbor are looking sweeter and sweeter. Let’s see.

  • Fresh mixed greens – $6 lb CSA and wholesale, $8 lb retail
  • Baby arugula – first of the outside beds – priced same as mixed greens
  • Baby bolting arugula! – sauté grade  –  $4.50 lb.
  • Baby Asian greens – big flavor – $6 lb
  • Bunched Asian greens – $2.50 bunch
  • Kale – Ttoscano, Russian red and winterbor – $2 bunch
  • Ruby and white fordham chard –  $2 bunch
  • Herbs – oregano, dill, blooming sage –  $2 bunch

Alright, I think that does it. If anyone is interested in greenhouse building, get in touch with us. I am hoping to have it up and planted in the next week, and could use any rugged assistance offered.  I’ll be checking the weather, but it would be fun to have a greenhouse-raising BBQ this next weekend.

Good health and good tidings.

Talk soon – Fred J

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