Homegrown Produce – Monday, May 14

Hey Everyone –

Man, the first week of real sunshine! Things are looking great in the garden – successfully fighting back again cabbage moths and slugs, getting the main lettuce beds back into production, and hosting 1200+ diverse tomatoes, pepper plants, etc… in the greenhouses.  The heat is slowing down the greenhouse-planted spinach – it will still be in the mix, but not sure until I pick it as to how much of the regular I will have.  Go ahead and order, and if I am short, I will contact you.

So, the week’s offering is such:

Fresh Mixed Greens – $6 lb for CSA members and wholesale, $8 lb for retail

Spinach in bunches – $4 lb (generally 1/2 lb bunches)

Fresh Oregano – $2 bunch

Leeks! We will be harvesting over the next 2 weeks – beautiful stuff for $2 lb.

The Raab is starting to come on, but another week before we get real production. Toscano kale is coming back from the brink….I will keep you posted!

Thanks, and have a great week!


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